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FILL SIZE - Please check below which size your polisher requires

Polishing granulate is the most integral part of the polishing process, cushioning the journey of your cutlery through the equipment as it gently dries and polishes. 

To continuously achieve the best polishing result the quality of your grain should be properly maintained.  We strongly recommend that granulate is completely changed and replaced at least every three months, sooner in higher turnover locations.

If you notice any of the following start to happen, then it’s time to change your grain:
- A drop in the quality of your polishers results
- Dust on the cutlery after polishing
- The colour of the grain becomes noticeably darker
- Your cutlery is moving more slowly around the tank

We have invested much time and effort in sourcing the highest quality granulate from our Italian suppliers, with a finer grade than others available it provides the best results, every time!

Grain is supplied in premeasured fills designed to make changing the grain a quick and easy process, check below which size your polisher requires:

4 x 2.5Kg Fills = Baby Star, ASMP, AS4K, ASMPS
4 x 3Kg Fills = AS6K, AS500S, AS500M

- Download our Quick Start Guide here for full instructions on how to change your grain

*If you are unsure which size fill you require please call us and one of our friendly team members will be happy to help.

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