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Cutlery Polishing Products

Spoonshine cutlery polishers are simple and quick to use. The key to the whole process is our unique polishing granulate. Derived from maize, our granulate is crushed, heat treated and filtered to ensure maximum polishing effectiveness.

The polisher’s vibrating tank is heated to a consistent operating temperature of 60°c, cutlery is then introduced to the unit, hot, clean and wet via the entry chute located on the top of the equipment. As your cutlery is gently moved through the polishing granulate it is dried and polished and then delivered into baskets at the front of the unit, ready for your next service.

Small cutlery polisher

Baby Star Cutlery Polisher

A compact unit, designed to suit smaller establishments that cater for up to 60 covers. The Baby Star cutlery polisher from Spoonshine has the capacity to polish up to 2,000 pieces of cutlery in just one hour. Automatically polish and sanitise your cutlery in one easy step. Simple and efficient in operation the Baby Star will save you time, money and raise both hygiene and presentation standards.

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Medium cutlery polisher

ASMP Static Cutlery Polisher

Designed to suit establishments that cater for 60-200 covers, the ASMP cutlery polisher from Spoonshine has the capacity to polish up to 3,000 pieces of cutlery in just one hour. This impressive unit polishes and sanitises your cutlery in one easy step. Simple and efficient in operation the ASMP will save you time, money and raise both hygiene and presentation standards.

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Large cutlery polisher

AS 500 Cutlery Polisher

Available as either a static or mobile unit, the AS 500 is designed to suit establishments that cater for 60+ covers. The mobile version offers flexibility for operation in multiple locations or for those sites with limited space. With the capacity to polish up to 7,000 pieces of cutlery in just one hour the AS 500 cutlery polisher from Spoonshine will integrate seamlessly with your existing catering procedures.

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Glass polisher

GP5 Glass Polisher

If your establishment would benefit from a cutlery polisher why not consider the simple and efficient GP5 glass polisher.

A compact, counter / bar top unit, designed to suit all establishments the GP5 from Wineshine, has the capacity to polish up to 400 glasses in just one hour. Utilising five rotating brushes of varying size the unit is capable of processing glasses of all shapes and dimensions.

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Save Time, Save Money

Catering industry studies demonstrate that at best even the most diligent kitchen operative can only polish a maximum of 400 items of cutlery an hour to an acceptable standard.

Our units can effectively and efficiently handle between 5 and 30 times that amount allowing for huge labour savings and freeing staff for more profitable activities such as upselling and attending to your customers.

By offering a comprehensive range of cutlery polishers, Spoonshine can enable establishments catering for as few as 60 covers a day to save money. There is no upper limit.

Before discovering the benefits of owning or renting a cutlery polisher many of our clients were regularly forking out wages for upwards of 40 hours each week for their staff to perform this task to often varied standards.

For some of our larger customers this figure ran into 100s of hours and they are now saving £1000s.

Frequently asked questions

How soon will it pay for itself?

Depending on your usage, average payback can be achieved in as little as 25 weeks.

What is included?

Everything! Each and every cutlery polisher we supply comes as standard with polishing granulate, a machine stand or on legs and wheels, cutlery catch baskets and an integrated basket holder. Full staff training and a comprehensive 12 month parts and labour warranty are also included.

What service level can I expect?

Immediate response, 24 hour attendance, first time fix or replacement guarantee.

What is the life of the polishing granulate?

This is dependent on the volume of throughput but we suggest between four and twelve weeks per fill.

How extensive is the warranty?

Everything is covered except polishing granulate and UV lamps. Extended warranties are available and do cover these items, and the polishing tank itself is guaranteed against perforation for life!

After warranty care?

You will receive the same level of care as during your warranty, call out costs are the lowest in the industry, as are our full service packages.

How long will my machine last?

With proper maintenance your cutlery polisher should last at least 10 years.

Who are your customers?

Who aren’t our customers! We look after major pub groups and chains, independent hotels, restaurants and pubs, major tourist attractions, holiday parks, global hotel chains, fish and chip shops, schools, hospitals, Californian vineyards, British vineyards for that matter! Just about anybody that has a requirement for polished cutlery, and who cares about the presentation of their table.

Will it work for me?

Yes, is the short answer! All that you need to do is follow the instructions given during training and you will get perfect results, every time.

Where should I locate my polisher?

Ideally as close to the dishwasher or wash up area as possible, but if that’s not an option we can work around it. As long as your cutlery is clean and wet, the polisher will deliver dry, sanitised and polished cutlery.

Is the equipment energy efficient and environmentally friendly?

Yes, once your cutlery polisher has reached its operating temperature, the power draw is minimal. Typical use equates to about 50p per day in electricity, using a polisher also reduces the use of paper towel and laundry costs.

Is grain replacement easy?

Changing the granulate in your cutlery polisher is a quick and simple task, the easiest way to do this is to use a vacuum cleaner to remove the old grain. All of our grain is supplied in pre-measured bags, in the right size for your polisher, once the tank is empty simply place a new fill in the unit and your polisher is ready to use again.


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